Winchester Centre for Global Futures in Art Design & Media

Winchester School of Art

Critically concerned with art and design practices of making, thinking and representation, the Winchester Centre engages in education and enterprise, exploring the contribution of media, materials and technologies to the improvement of human societies globally.

Winchester Centre for Global Futures in Art Design and Media highlights historical, contemporary and future roles for art, design and media within globalization. Our main focus is on collaborations with international partners in public service, the creative industries and civil society.

In light of our attempts to build sustainable collaborations with local and regional partners, and dealing with national and international issues relevant globally, the Research Centre hosts Public Lectures, Seminars and Film Screenings. All events are issue-based and centred around globally relevant topics such as environment, society, politics, art and demographics. We invite high profile academics, artists, curators and filmmakers and create a platform for the local and regional communities to engage with these speakers.
Founded by Professors Bashir Makhoul, Jonathan Harris and Ryan Bishop, the Winchester Research Centre makes a decisive contribution to the innovative research initiatives of the School and of the University.


This innovative space was created in order to facilitate a meeting between people, traditions, crafts, design and contemporary art. Since its inauguration, the MTO’s mission was to provide a broad overview of the designs, techniques and creative processes for the production of textiles of Oaxaca, Mexico and the world through the ongoing exchange of expertise through conferences, workshops and exhibitions.


Innovando la Tradicion is a multidisciplinary non-profit and a sustainable design project that arises from an interest to work collectivelly and learn, through its skills and skills of others. Innovando la Tradicion is a creative platform where artisans, designers and artists share skills, knowledge and stories to rethink and honor the ceramic traditions of Oaxaca, it offers services to potters and pottery communities in Oaxaca that support the development of their trade.