Collaborators and friends


CADA’s family is a network of a very supportive group of experts and professionals who constantly offer their time and expertise to support its mission. CADA keeps growing with their collaboration and input.



Ana Pellicer


Ana Peciller is a Mexican sculptor, artisan and jewelry maker. She is the widow of American sculptor, James Metcalf, with whom she established an important artist colony and school, the Adolfo Best Maugard School of Arts and Crafts, dedicated to the promotion of traditional coppersmith techniques in Santa Clara del Cobre, Michoacán, in 1973.


Eric Mindling

Eric Mindling

Photographer and Writer 

Photographer and writer, Eric Mindling is an expert in pottery and member of Innovando la Tradición; a creative platform where craftsmen, designers and artists share skills, knowledge and stories. He documented the actual practices of pottery in 65 different communities in Oaxaca. His research became the book “Barro y fuego. El arte de la alfarería en Oaxaca” after a nearly two year long process. The book shows a panoramic vision of Oaxaca´s pottery past, present, and future.



Eric Chávez Santiago


He belongs to the fourth generation of weavers in his family. He weaved his first carpet at twelve and encouraged his parents to work with natural dyes. He is a university graduate, worked previously at the Museo Textil de Oaxaca (M.T.O) as education director, coordinating the different social collaboration programs, which involve designers, cooperatives y and groups of textile craftsmen in their Oaxaca´s communities and workshops, as well as other initiatives, like the organization of workshops and exhibitions of textile craftsmanship, in which guests masters and textile craftsmen from Oaxaca, México and other countries are invited to share their techniques. He is also is a coordinator of Popular Art and Productive Projects at FAHHO; a Mexican philanthropic institution, created by the businessman Alfredo Harp Helú to help fight poverty efficiently and extend generosity among Mexicans through complementary efforts to government without party spirit.


Debera Johson

Debera Johnson

Sustainable Design Consultant

Debera Johnson is the Academic Director of Sustainability for Pratt Institute. She founded the Pratt Design Incubator for Sustainable Innovation in 2002 during her tenure as chair of the industrial design program. Under her leadership the Incubator has helped launch 25 design-driven enterprises in four sectors: clean energy, fashion, design, and design consulting. She provides mentorship, and strategic business development within collaborative communities of entrepreneurs.



Benjamín Villa

Design and Comercial Consultant 

He specializes in emergent market´s research and consulting. He works on the worldwide design, production, and distribution process. He develops the merchandising and copyright for his clients, which include several international museums such as MOMA, TATE Gallery, and New York´s Metropolitan, and commercial chains such as Harrod’s Pylones or ALDEASA, and also the copyrights for authors like Miró, Picasso, Kandinsky or Pedro Almodóvar among others.



Ludovica Morales

Facilitator in the children workshops

Ludovica has been raised in San Cristóbal de Las Casas where she finished her Primary education. In 2004, she collaborated with her artwork in the book Losha (Editorial Fray Bartolomé de Las Casas, PACMYC, CONACULTA, CONECULTA). Since 2012 she has been living in the city of Oaxaca with her dog Giorgia, and her mother.


Judith Romero

Judith Romero

Photographer and Designer Publishing

She lives in the city of Oaxaca, where he has designed and collaborated in the publishing strengthening social research books and art, gestated from Oaxaca. Some photography books has designed are: Afro. África-Cuba- México, Alice en el país de Zapata, Obra en construcción, Épica de un corazón estrafalario, Al país de la ilusión, among others. She has made several collections and series of books for academic institutions, including: Imágenes de una Identidad (composed of 8 books of historical photography) edited by CIESAS. She is a designer of literature and art magazine Luna Zeta and magazine Cuadernos del Sur (CIESAS, UABJO, INAH) social sciences. His photographic work has been integrated into various group exhibitions and published in magazines such as: Tierra Adentro, Cuartoscuro, Luna Zeta, Cuadernos del Sur, etc.  As in the books: Fotografía contemporánea en Oaxaca (2011), The vision of social actors against wind projects in the Isthmus (CIESAS, 2014).


Britten Chroman

Britten Chroman


Britten Chroman has spent many years in the non profit sector developing programs and partnerships to raise the quality of life for women and girls around the world. In 2012, she founded the David Lynch Foundation Women’s Health Initiative, which brings the healing benefits of Transcendental Meditation to women and staff in programs serving victims of violence and abuse. Currently Britten is working on a project to turn plastic waste into luxury goods.